Who cares, anyway?

One might very well ask themselves, “Why does it matter if I publish my book? Who really cares?” Let me tell you why it’s important and, in the end, who will care.

It’s not enough to just have an opinion. If it isn’t shared it’s nothing but air. -Grandma

Grandma was never short on sharing her opinion. I remember this about her. My younger siblings may not. Why? Because her verbal storytelling is all we have of her, carried down through memories. And memories are fickle things at best. How I wish I still had the random letters she would write to me, or better yet if she had kept a journal?!

But what if she would have had the audacity to actually write down her story? To tell, in her own words, the most poignant of her times, shared with us her most breathless of loves and losses? Priceless.

Not only priceless to me, her granddaughter, and to the rest of the family. Priceless to our culture – because it is only from stories like hers that we can fully understand our past and in turn, live better in the present.

If I am naive to think someone will want to read our stories in one hundred years, then I guess I’m naive. I believe they matter, yours and mine, and it is infinitely important to write them down.

Do it. Will you?

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