A polymath

I’d never heard that term until the husband of a friend called me that, in reverent voice, one day when I declared I had almost finished my (second) degree. It wasn’t enough for me to be finished there, I’d already begun a third and a few online courses were in the works as well. For years I’ve been embarrassed by this fact about myself.

No more.

polymath [ˈpälēˌmaTH]: a person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning.”a Renaissance polymath”

synonyms:intelligent person · learned person · highbrow · academic · bookworm · bookish person · man of letters · woman of letters · bluestocking · thinker · brain · scholar · sage · genius · Einstein · expert · prodigy · gifted child · mastermind · pandit · egghead · brains · bright spark · whiz · wizard · walking encyclopedia · brainbox · clever clogs · boffin · brainiac · rocket scientist · maven · Brahmin · pointy-head · bookman



As of today I’ve written 3 books with 4 in the works, published more than 50 works for other independent authors, completed two associates degrees, one bachelor and (almost) a master’s degree in healthcare. I am a certified professional midwife, a certified herbalist, certified EFT practitioner, old-fashion crafter, seamstress, knitter, crochet-er, spinner of wool, voracious reader, lover of knowledge. I’ve studied homeopathy, quantum physics, biblical greek, can butcher a cow and deliver lambs by cesarean (ask my mom, she still almost faints). I am almost a registered nurse (to be completed by the end of the year, 2019, God willing), essential oil connoisseur and supporter of body autonomy for everyone.

I’m not embarrassed by what I know. I worked hard for it. And yes, it does come somewhat easy for me in the sense that I LOVE to learn and it feels like play. Each of those listed accomplishments were hard work though, and for once in my life I am proud of myself for not quelling to the cultural noise that “enough is enough already”. When does learning stop? When is it enough?

I’m still playing with the egdes of that. Are you?

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