Why she is published…

Before I begin publishing new articles on this (newish) website, I want to start things off by explaining why I write. And more importantly, why I publish.

If we look at the past, it was virutally unheard of to see a woman published, and even if she was her voice was made to sound the same as everyone elses. That “everyone else” being male. The publishers were owned by men, the editors were men, the whole she-bang (ha) was male-dominated. And dominate they did. As a result, the few pieces of writing we have of women prior to the 1920’s are in the form of personal diaries. Like all good women of years gone by, they were often wont to write down anything that might be read by a subsequent generation as negative or counter-culture.

While I’m grateful (so very grateful) for those voices, we have the chance to do something… more today. To tell our stories in their entirety. All of them, as we choose. With a few clicks of the mouse (and a whole lot of bravado) we can share those stories with the world.

So I write. With a bit more bravery every day, and not nearly as much as I wish I could, but I write. Every day. And I publish women who write. Because our stories matter – but they will only impact the world if we share them.

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